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Getting to the Heart of Advances in Open Heart Surgery

Welcome to the Baptist Health Talk Podcast, where our respected experts bring you timely practical health and wellness information to improve your family's quality of life. Just how open is open heart surgery and how have new techniques improved? Not just results, but recovery times as well. We'll get to the heart of heart surgery on this episode of Baptist Health Talk.

Open heart surgery is not as “open” as it used to be. Less invasive procedures are becoming more common — like the McGinn Technique, which reduces trauma to the chest cavity and speeds up recovery time. On this episode of Baptist HealthTalk, the technique’s inventor, Joseph McGinn, Jr., M.D., chief of cardiac surgery at Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, joins host, Dr. Johnathan Fialkow, to talk about heart surgery advances.

More from Dr. McGinn can be found on the Baptist Health Resource Blog: 

“Don’t Delay Your Heart Surgery in COVID-19 Era”

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