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New Radiation Technology at Lynn Cancer Institute Treats Wider Range of Cancer Patients

At first glance, the innovative system may look like a standard CT (computerized tomography) scanner, but it’s much more, providing leading-edge radiation treatment to many more cancer patients who may have had limited options in the past.

The Radixact System provides a non-invasive treatment option that emits image-guided intensity-modulated (IG-IMRT) radiation, an extremely precise form of radiation therapy. The Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital is the first institution in Palm Beach County to treat cancer patients using the Radixact System.

“While it looks like a CT scanner, it’s actually delivering radiation from 360 degrees, which allows us to better see all of the normal structures and better target the tumor to cure your cancer,” explains Michael Kasper, M.D., director, Radiation Oncology, Lynn Cancer Institute. “All of this is made possible through the generous support of our patients and donors.”

(Watch video now: Michael Kasper, M.D., director, Radiation Oncology, Lynn Cancer Institute, describes the Radixact System, which provides a non-invasive treatment option that provides an extremely precise form of radiation therapy. Video by Dylan Kyle.)

While other radiation treatment systems can be limited in their applications, the Radixact System is capable of optimally treating virtually any cancer patient that presents with a radiation therapy option.

Explains Dr. Kasper: “While some radiation treatment approaches are limited to certain types of cancers, with the Radixact system we’re able to develop elegant plans for a wide range of malignancies including lung cancers, breast cancers, prostate cancers, and head neck cancers.”

In addition to delivering precise radiation, treatment times are among the shortest.

With continuous delivery of radiation from 360 degrees around the patient, doctors have more control in targeting the radiation to decrease any damage to surrounding healthy tissue and organs. Physicians clearly see the shape and location of the patient’s tumor — anywhere in the body — in real time before each treatment session. In addition, SYNCHRONY software technology allows precise tumor tracking to account for even the slightest tumor motion.

The use of radiation as part of cancer treatment is increasing, both during initial treatment and re-treatment, so the ability to deliver the correct amount of dose precisely to the tumor will become even more important.

“The Lynn Cancer Institute uses the most advanced technology to provide customized, precise treatments tailored to each cancer patient’s needs,” said Louise Morrell, M.D., medical director of Lynn Cancer Institute. “Our aim is to eliminate the cancer while minimizing the impact of the treatment on patients’ quality of life.”

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