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A Surgical Milestone: Miami Cancer Institute First in Southeast Region to Complete Uterine Transposition on Cancer Patient


Miami Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida, is the first cancer center to conduct a successful uterine transposition surgery on a cancer patient in the Southeast region.

Jean-Marie Stephan, MD

Intended to preserve the patient’s fertility by sparing the uterus from radiation exposure, the uterus and ovaries are moved from their anatomic location to the upper abdominal region, allowing for radiation to treat the rectal area, where cancer in this specific patient was present. This stride in surgical advancements will allow for future female patients, who have cancer in the pelvic region, to preserve their uterus to one day, be able to carry a fetus to term and successfully deliver.

“This patient had rectal cancer. The intention was to move her uterus and ovaries to allow for the patient to begin radiation treatment. We are pleased to share this surgery was successful. Moving forward, we hope to provide this surgical option for young female patients who are looking to preserve their fertility, despite their cancer diagnosis within the pelvic region”, shared Dr. Jean-Marie Stephan, gynecologic surgical oncologist with Miami Cancer Institute, who performed the surgery.

Following the uterine transposition and the patient’s radiation and chemotherapy, the patient will undergo a second operation to remove the cancer in the rectum. During this surgery, the uterus will be moved back to its anatomic position.

“This year, we’ve seen a staggering increase in young adults being diagnosed with colorectal and gynecologic cancers. I foresee this surgical option being considered by more females who desire to start a family”, shared Dr. John Diaz, Chief of Gynecologic Oncology with Miami Cancer Institute and medical director of robotic surgery with Baptist Health South Florida. “This is truly a historic surgical milestone for Miami Cancer Institute.”

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